30 Aug

SOC – for supplies – 30th August 2013

  • By Justyn Williams

This link details the standards of conduct that should be followed by all energy suppliers.

The rules are pretty clear, in terms of obligations, but for us there are a couple of key areas which could be improved on or a slightly tighter.

E.g. We believe there should be defined rules around call recording of sales completed over the phone.

Having supported customers in dispute over the validity of sales previously, we have noted that some companies only keep or provide the 20 seconds of the call recording where the customer says ‘Yes’ – and they don’t always provide the entire call or the inducement for why the customer agreed to the contract in the first place.

For us the inducement element is the key. At Fairer Business Energy, we have 100% call recording for the entire customer journey. We believe that this protects our clients and also us.