Helping you get started

When you’re starting a new business or moving into a new premises, naturally you will have an endless list of things to do.

Fairer Business Energy recognise that this is a key stage in your business development and therefore have a dedicated team at hand to take the hassle away with your energy requirements.

This beginning stage of setting up your business or moving premises is one of the most crucial times for energy providers, where they will try and retain your business. This should put you in a positive position, but our experience has demonstrated that our clients rarely feel they have received a good deal during this process. We understand this process and are happy to support you in making an informed choice.

The purpose of our support is to help you have the time and space to focus on what’s important to you at this difficult time – running a fledgling business.


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We offer bespoke energy solutions for U.K. Businesses, large or small..

Large Business

Typically these would be much larger energy users or large multi-site customers, however this is ultimately defined by the meter configuration on site


Ofgem has defined SMEs via Microbusiness rules. Ultimately, if you are conducting business use at the premise, you should be billed as a business customer


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