Working with SME’s

Depending on which energy company you ask, you may get a slightly different definition of what a SME business is. They may class multi-sites differently or low energy users differently etc.

Ofgem set out to define what a SME is via the microbusiness rules, which most companies have decided to use for all business accounts. Why? Because it is impossible for them to know that one of the criteria doesn’t apply to you.



In reality, we have noted some attempts by some less scrupulous companies to say that a particular supply or business doesn’t meet the criteria… Mainly for their own ends. We are watchful for this sort of practice.

Ultimately the pricing and hedging structure that the companies will use, which is the key element you will be concerned about, will be determined by your meter type and configuration. We understand this and will be able to inform and advise you accordingly.

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We offer bespoke energy solutions for U.K. Businesses, large or small..

Large Business

Typically these would be much larger energy users or large multi-site customers, however this is ultimately defined by the meter configuration on site

Start Up

Most energy providers define this being a new business or a new site at a premises for under 3 months


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