26 Sep

Largest six suppliers

  • By Justyn Williams


This link shows various complaints ratios for the Big 6 energy companies, from Q1 2013 to date. The complaints ratio and our clients’ feedback, does influence us when recommending suppliers. There is always a balance to be found between price and service. We will inform and allow you to make the right choice for your business.

When reviewing these figures it’s important to remember that ‘any expression of dissatisfaction’ should be recorded (as per the C.E.A.R. act). Although it is absolutely correct to do so, it does cover a huge multitude of issues, from big too small.

Therefore the resolution (within 8 weeks) element is a clearer metrics for us – as this would equate to more serious or challenging problems that the companies have not been able to resolve. Most energy companies work on first call resolution basis, hence why the %’s for completion within 8 weeks is so high.